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The North East Wales Mountaineering Club

Established in 2007, the Club is fairly new, but already has nearly 50 full members throughout the country, although primarily based in and around North East Wales.


We run a varied programme of activities including regular outdoor meets both in the UK and abroad, midweek evening climbing at local crags and climbing walls (depending on the time of year!) and social events..

Potential members are free to join us for a couple of meets to see if they'll understand our sense of humour, and if you like us, we'd be glad to have you join us! You'd pay an annual membership fee, and then all activities cost whatever they cost, so that may just be a case of sharing the fuel cost, or paying for overnight accomodation & food somewhere. 

For technical activities such as rock climbing or winter mountaineering, the club does not provide instruction for beginners, but once able to operate safely at a basic level, newcomers to the sport will find a wealth of experience within the Club to learn from.



AGM & Membership Renewals

NEWMC held our Annual General Meeting...


At the Boardroom Climbing Centre we held our annual general meeting, to review all the activities of the club over the past year, discuss the proposals for the coming year, approve the club's finances, and elect a new committee

Thanks to everyone who attended the night, we made some real progress, and hopefully, we'll see the next year as our strongest yet.

We even voted to create a new role of Social Secretary, to cover social meets and maintain the social media platforms.

The following members were elected into committee positions:


President               -           Chris Woolfenden

Secretary               -           Thomas Cooke

Social Secretary   -           Sadie Waterhouse

Meets Officer       -           Matthew Cooke

Kit Officer             -           Tom Furey

Treasurer              -           Anthony Cooke


All the officers of the club committee would be happy to accept any help in their roles from members who want to be more involved.

Sir Chris Bonington - Life and Times Lecture

Avalanche Safety

8x Avalanche Transcievers available to Members


Continuing our commitment to member's development and safety, the club has now bought extra high specification avalanche transcievers, Shovels and probes to encourage and enable safer moutnaineering both in the UK and abroad

Our more experienced members will be happy to show you how to use these devices before you take them out, to ensure that you're best positioned to remain as safe as possible in the mountains.


If you have any suggestions on how we can further help increase members safety in the mountains, please let us know


Coming Up:

Bonfire & BBQ

Christmas Climb

Snowdonia Trip

Glen Coe Winter Climbing

REC L2 First Aid

Costa Blanca Hot Rock

Gower Peninsular

Classic Rock Road Trip

Don Whillans Hut

Alpine Mountaineering

Lundy Island

Peaks & Lancashire


and much more...

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